People who just starting out with responsive design always have issues when deciding on what break point to use. Most of the websites developed nowadays are using mobile first approach. The particular breakpoints can be borrowed from Bootstrap, world’s most popular HTML/CSS front-end library.

Here is the list of screen sizes:

When I just started learning about Webpack, I had issues with figuring out a way to setup my repository to work with Webpack.
There seemed to be many tutorials with different approaches and it was bothering me. That’s why I decided to combine the steps and write them down and turn into this article, so everybody can create their apps easily and can refer to it anytime a new app needs to be created.

Here are the exact steps, you need to take in order to setup Webpack app:

step 1:

npm init -y

step 2:

npm install webpack webpack-cli…

Zil Norvilis

Full-Stack Web Developer. Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React/Redux.

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